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Break Up With Your Phone

STOP MINDLESS SCROLLING AND GAIN BACK your TIME with this 25-page guide!

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Do you finish your day not having achieved anything you wanted to because you kept falling down a TikTok rabbit hole?

Are you embarrassed to admit or even check your screen time?

We all know spending a lot of time on our phone isn't just a productivity killer but also triggers overwhelm and anxiety.

You don't have to go full detox mode to make an improvement with your habits and set better digital boundaries with yourself, your clients and your team.

There is another way.

Having a hard time staying on task when using your phone & forgetting why you picked it up in the first place?

Ready to take back your focus?


Learn to become more mindful with your phone so you can be more present and reduce your screen time. 

Get my 4-step process with journal prompts and templates to help you stop mindless scrolling so you can be more present and productive.

Break Up With Your Phone

Phase 2: Figuring out how you work best (+ workshop to refine your style of working and communication)

Phase 3: Creating healthy screen time habits (+ utilizing if/then statements)

Phase 4: Developing sustainable boundaries (+ practical tips to reduce screen time starting today)

BONUS: Journaling prompts

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BONUS: Weekly planner template to set healthy screen time boundaries and track progress

Phase 1: Eliminating shame & understanding your digital habits (+ my 3-step process on how to break them)

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As a Mental Wellbeing Coach I’ve learned a thing or two about serving myself first to live a fulfilling life and run a business free of overwhelm.

But it wasn't always this way. Being a business owner, I spend a lot of time online. Between answering emails, engaging on Instagram and getting distracted on TikTok, my screen time skyrocketed to 9+ hours per day.

I was feeling distracted, overwhelmed and frustrated. 

I promised myself the next day would look different, but then I'd get to the end of the day, not sure where the hours went, barely getting anything done because a single email derailed my flow.

I knew I had to change for the sake of my sanity and productivity, so I got honest with myself, audited my routines and created small, sustainable changes that helped me not only become more mindful with how I was using my phone, but also drastically reduced my screen time (like by half).

Let me show you how!

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You’re ready to reduce your screen time and become more mindful with your phone 

You're ready to stop letting mindless scrolling derail your day 

You want to enjoy being an online entrepreneur without having to ditch your phone altogether

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Take Back Your Time, Focus & Productivity So Your Phone No Longer                  Your Day



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