3 Steps To Stop Letting Your Business Run You & Creating The Most Spacious Schedule Ever

Gain clarity around freeing up your time, escape the TikTok scroll, and live a more simplified, clutter-free lifestyle—mentally, physically, and digitally. 

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AKA... I am sharing the exact strategies that helped me find alignment, reconnect to myself and work 4-hour days, guilt-free.

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Here's what you're going to learn in this                 

My proven 3-step framework to awaken from autopilot, and find clarity and alignment in your life & business so you can stop procrastinating and finally cross off your to-do list #progress

How to stop mindless scrolling, decrease your screen time, and become more mindful with your phone so you can say goodbye to the negative feelings subconsciously creepin’ in 👋

How to reduce mental, digital, and physical clutter so you can free up brain space and time

How to actually overcome overwhelm for good (psst—it’s not what you think)

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Pour a cuppa somethin’ warm, we’re covering a lot! 

In this training, we’re focused on cleaning up ALL areas of your life so you can come back to yourself by feeling clutter-free and mentally clear.

Getting into this space will help you tap back into your intuition vs chasing vanity “success” metrics set by others.

Because after all, you started your business for freedom, right? So why does it feel like you’re running yourself into the ground trying to achieve “success”? 

All it’s done is lead to overwhelm and burnout - and this training is going to help you combat it.

Extreme Makeover but make it Home Edition, Biz Edition + Digital Edition 

Swap overwhelm for all the good feels!

You deserve to stop living in overdrive & take back control like these women:

You can’t thrive as a business owner or a person when you’re constantly running on empty. 

Staying up late to scramble to get that last-minute job done

Pulling 11-hour days on repeat and telling yourself tomorrow will be different

Spending more hours than you’d like to admit comparing yourself to others on TikTok + IG

Wondering when you’re going to achieve that feeling of “freedom” everyone talks about

Feeling like you’re indefinitely “behind” everyone else on the internet because you feel like your business will burn to the ground if you work less to do more of what you love in your day to day life

This is how you unlock true freedom in all areas of your life

 (and start incorporating more fun into your daily life—you deserve it!)

In this masterclass, I’m going to show you how to focus on the only things that are going to move the needle forward in filling you up so you have more time to put yourself first and live the freedom-filled lifestyle you started your business for in the first place—without stressing over hitting the next milestone.

Save your seat inside & I’ll give you access to my checklist to streamline your business!

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(This just keeps getting better, huh!?)

Hi, I'm Livia!

Let me warn you: I'm getting real in this training. Complete with a photo of me laying in bed with a washcloth on my face after an anxiety attack wearing dog pajamas. 

Luckily, that's no longer my reality. Since my lowest point dealing with burnout and working many late nights to prove my worth in both my corporate career and business, I’ve broken free from people's expectations, running my business in ways that don't feel aligned, and hustling 24/7 to see success.

I tried quick-fix solutions like bubble baths and expensive massages (#selfcare), but the temporary stress relief didn't last long.

I wanted a different way. A way that felt good to me, while putting myself first, making time for things I love and still being productive in my business. 

And then I cracked the code and created the system that I’m sharing with you today!

meet your teacher:

Now, I'm feeling better than I ever have, no longer letting emails derail my day and taking nights, weekends and holidays off—guilt-free.

Today, I can guarantee you: Prioritizing yourself above all else does not only benefit your mental and physical health, but also your business. I'm talking more time for creativity and enjoying life, no longer stressing out over hitting the next milestone and ideal clients knocking down your door desperate to work with you.

With the help of my teachings, women from all over the world have been able to take back control of their lives and live the life of their dreams today, rather than waiting for permission to rest and put themselves first - all while growing their businesses.

Inside this free masterclass, I’m going to teach you how to avoid burnout and stop letting your business run you so you can spend more time with your friends and family, having fun, and living life!

I realized how big of an impact my habits have on my overall wellbeing. I learned to set boundaries with myself and others so that I can prioritise what I need to feel good everyday. I feel WORLDS better today and feel like I’m genuinely making progress and am not the same person I was.


setting super strong boundaries

real results

I feel so much lighter without all the digital clutter in my life. Before, it was weighing me down, but now I feel so much lighter after decluttering my apps and phone. I even went to completely declutter my computer after that because of how liberating it felt!


feels liberated from her phone

real results

Your future self will thank you for carving out the time for this training.

Now, get your name on the list below, I can’t wait to share the secrets! 

Trade your feelings of stress and anxiety in your daily life for rest, calm, relaxation, and productivity.