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create balance internally and externally with hot Pinterest leads, a loyal fanbase & evergreen content!

Stop the constant struggle to juggle everything and getting done hardly anything!
Are any of the below scenarios you?

Pinning without a strategy because you don't have time to research keywords or don't know how to. You're putting so much effort into your Facebook group and hearing nothing but crickets. Creating content for all your platforms is taking up your entire day.  And you moved your yoga class - again - because you just don't have time today. 

That's not why you started this business, sister. That's not how you imagined your entrepreneur life to go - and it doesn't have to be.

There is another way.


Book out your biz and 

Whether you're a course creator looking to get traffic to your funnels, a busy mom with limited time on your hands or a health conscious kick-ass womenpreneur understanding the value of a balanced business - setting intentions and managing your energy starts with you.

Wave goodbye to rash snappy comments to your kids or partner, missed workout classes and take-out meals 5 days in a row.

Together, we'll create the work-life balance you need to turn your biz from a badly made Lemon Sour into a fruity and delicious Peach Bellini!

You got this. But you need a little push to help you reset. You need someone to take weight off your shoulders.

You're in the right place.

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"Livia's support has given me the balance I have been yearning for!"


got her balance back:

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


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If you're not using Pinterest for your business, you're leaving money on the table.

Watch your site traffic explode, waiting lists fill up and products sell - without having to show up daily (looking at you, Instagram).

Trying to do it all, wrapping your head around a new platform or relying on selling in your DM's are all roads to overwhelm and burnout.

Whether you know your way around boards and tribes or are a complete newbie - let me help you gain back your sanity.


Pinterest isn't new to you but you're overwhelmed doing it all and want to focus your time elsewhere so you can scale

You know there's value in Pinterest but don't know where to start and want someone else managing it

Get leads on autopilot

starting at $247

Community Management

let's do it

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to grow and build an audience of ideal clients.

I'm from a small village and didn't always have the community I longed for - so helping others build theirs puts my heart on fire!

People crave communities and connection - I should know.

Is your genius needed elsewhere in the biz? Are you not getting the engagement you're hoping for? Let me help you with that.


You're ready to build long-lasting relationships with your audience and a direct line to your ideal client

You're looking to uplevel and scale your community but no longer have time to manage it on your own


Build long-lasting relationships

starting at $247

Content Repurposing

i need this

Got a podcast, YouTube channel or blog? You don't need new content for each of your platforms, just a smart strategy!

Content repurposing helps you reach new audiences and extends your content's life cycle, meaning you create the same amount of content for double the exposure.

I help you break up your content and adapt it to your other channels (ex: YouTube video -> blog post -> Instagram caption) so you can focus on the zen Bossbabe you are.


You're growing fast and starting to diversify your content on different platforms to reach a larger audience 

You need help making the most of the content you already have and work with it rather than against it

make your content work for you

starting at $297

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“Her reliability is unlike any other and I've been able to step more into my purpose through Livia's support.”

Livia is my soulmate assistant! I love Livia's spirit, attention to detail and dedication to herself and her wellbeing as that's the team culture I want to create. I love navigating through my business with her and the trust that I've built with Livia that came so effortlessly. 


Love Notes 

“Unlike other people I’ve hired in the past, she has a deep understanding of Marketing.”

Livia has quickly become crucial to helping me scale my business. She’s professional, takes initiative, and gets things done quickly. I can't recommend her enough!


“Livia is amazing! We can’t imagine doing business without her!“

Things felt chaotic before we hired Livia. Not only is Livia professional, she’s kind, a quick learner, and up to collaborate! We knew Livia would complement our team so well and we are just so thrilled that we hired her!


from my amazing clients