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create a life that feels light and at ease on your terms.

Stop the constant struggle to juggle everything and getting done hardly anything!
Are any of the below scenarios you?

Chasing your tail, constantly being overwhelmed because there's too much to do and you can't seem to break out of that cycle.

Pinning without a strategy because you don't have time to research keywords or don't know how to. 

That's not why you started this business, sister. That's not how you imagined your entrepreneur life to go - and it doesn't have to be.

There is another way.


Book out your biz and 

No matter where you're at in business, grounded routines and self-care that works on your terms is crucial to success - and setting intentions and managing your energy starts with you.

Wave goodbye to snapping at your partner, missed workout classes and take-out meals 5 days in a row.

Together, we'll invite calm into your day-to-day and create a schedule that prioritizes your wellbeing - and helps you stick to it - so you can turn your biz from a badly made Lemon Sour into a delicious Peach Bellini!

You got this. But you need a little push to help you reset. You need someone to take weight off your shoulders.

You're in the right place.

"Livia's support has given me the balance I have been yearning for!"


got her balance back:

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


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4 Steps To Productivity 

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15 Habits To Be More Productive In Your Business

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Self-Care Coaching

let's do it!

As a business owner, there's a lot on your plate. Whether you feel like you're falling behind in your day-to-day or feel stretched thin and in desperate need of a break, I can help you create more calm.

Whether you're looking for accountability, sustainable routines that help you break out of autopilot or to get your habits back on track - we can create an action plan together that has you feeling at ease and in alignment.

You can work with me in 1 week, 1 month or 3 month containers with a mix of Zoom calls and Voxer support.

make yourself your highest priority

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Speaking Engagements

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Looking for an expert to speak to your mastermind, group coaching container, podcast or the like?

I'd love to join you to talk about rest, self-care, intentional living and creating more space and calm through breaking out of autopilot mode.

I'm a big advocate for living the life you envisioned when starting your business TODAY rather than waiting for specific milestones, so I'd love to share my experience and knowledge with your audience to get them from wishing to taking action.

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Clear Your Way To Calm


Do you wish you could snap your fingers and all the clutter in your life would magically disappear? No more thousands of unread emails, messy Google Drives with old client projects and past trauma that hold you back from living a simplified, free life. 

Imagine showing up fully in alignment with yourself, improving your relationships around you, scaling your business while still managing your time better.

This is possible for you! In this course, you’ll get the exact roadmap with powerful strategies to clarity, ease and calm to finally navigate life free of overwhelm.


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