What if you could run your business without feeling anxious and overwhelmed while having time for things you love? 

TFA is a program designed to help you reclaim your time, make your health a priority again and work in more productive ways so you can run a business without anxiety and overwhelm.

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Time-Freedom Accelerator

6-week group coaching program

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"Before working with Livia, I was always stressed, overwhelmed and overworked because I was saying yes to everything and tying my productivity and work to my worth. 

Now, I feel less overwhelmed and stressed, and have so much more headspace to focus on things I love and want to learn more about. I’m better at prioritizing my health, decluttering my space, and stop basing my worth on the hours I work. I am on track to a more sustainable life and having all the tools and routines Livia and I worked on makes me feel so grounded in the best way!"

- kassie, wedding photographer

let me ask you a question...

What would your life look like if you had an extra 4 hours every day?

Without feeling guilty that you should work more?

(and instead live a life that prioritizes your health and puts you back in charge of your time)

clarity, structure, connecting to your big goals and reclaiming the freedom you set out to create when you started your business

wave goodbye to distractions, burnout and overwhelm...


and say hello to

through combining female health, productivity, lifestyle design and business coaching.

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Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret:

Being overwhelmed by your mile-long-to-do-list and the million and one ideas in your head isn't the only way to run your business.

You CAN build a business that’s intertwined with the things that set your soul on fire. You CAN make money while being away from your laptop, making memories. You CAN create a better schedule and structure so you can get everything done in your business efficiently while still having enough time to take care of yourself.

Burnout isn’t normal, but we’ve normalized it as a society.

Always keeping busy, hustling to get to the next goal and striving to accomplish the next big win to prove our “worth”, putting self-care and our wellbeing on the backburner to achieve it. 

Busy isn't a badge of honor

In case you need a reminder...

Wake up feeling rested and enjoy a slow morning filled with self-care and a nourishing breakfast

Live by a schedule that feels in flow and puts you back in control of your time 



Get your health back on track and be able to make non-work related things a priority 

Imagine how good it would feel to… 


No longer feeling guilty for taking time for yourself and logging off of work early


Run your business without feeling anxious and overwhelmed while having time for things you love


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"Working with Livia changed everything!"

Before working with Livia, I felt anxious, overwhelmed and like my brain was going 100 miles an hour. I always felt behind on my to-do list and like there wasn’t enough time to actually take care of me. Now, I’m in a much better headspace, feel miles ahead to where I was and I’m feeling more productive, motivated and excited to work on my business and keep up with my self-care than ever before!

- Alyssa, social media manager

it's time you meet...

Time-Freedom Accelerator

The Time-Freedom Accelerator is a 6-week hybrid group coaching program (with 1:1 support) designed to help you reclaim your time, make your health a priority again and work in more productive ways so you can run a business without anxiety and overwhelm, and live a life that allows you to make other things a prioritiy.

We're going to focus on setting solid structures as the foundation to serve you now and well into the future, focusing on female health, productivity, mindset and lifestyle design.

This program will help you reclaim your time and increase your energy so you can work less and live more.

It's time you step back into the driver seat of your life.

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Go from Overwhelmed & a Never-Ending to-do list to Having Actual Space on Your Calendar & Switching Off Guilt-Free

Create a life you can’t wait to wake up to, on your terms, and unsubscribe from hustle culture so you can focus on your wellbeing and living an intentional life

What You’ll Walk Away With:

Gain clarity on your priorities and ideas so you know what to focus on to move the needle both in your life and business



Let go of jumping from task to task and integrate rest into your new productive schedule 

Create a schedule that allows you to reconnect to your desires to do things YOU *actually* want to do vs. what you think you should do or is expected of you


Set firm boundaries with yourself and your clients so you can enjoy time away from work, guilt-free


Increase your productivity without working more hours through biohacking, figuring our your sleep chronotype and cycle syncing


count me in!

Get access to my habit tracker and set intentions

Here's What You'll Learn




in this module you'll:

Break down and overcome limiting beliefs holding you back from true time-freedom



in this module you'll:

Learn ways to switch off guilt-free that don't involve doing nothing

Set a strong foundation by getting your mindset set up for success so you can start trusting yourself

Learn how to navigate day-to-day stressors and uncertainties like anxiety with your work schedule


week 2

in this module you'll:

Learn the exact method I use to make time for self-care and hold myself accountable - no matter how busy I am 

Learn all my proven productivity hacks that have saved me hours of my time, allowing me to focus on non-work priorities

Productivity & Time Management

week 3

in this module you'll:

Identify which tasks you should *really* be focusing on to both increase your revenue and free time

Learn to set better boundaries with your clients to stop feeling like your time belongs to anyone but you

Create your own schedule that prioritizes me-time without sacrificing your client projects and other business to-do's

in this module you'll:

Learn your natural sleep and productivity patterns so you can work smarter, but not harder - and make 4-hour work days a reality



Learn how you can biohack your productivity by aligning your work and self-care schedule to your period so you can operate in flow without resistance

Figure out your sleep chronotype so you can biohack your productivity instead of forcing a schedule you are not designed for

in this module you'll:

Learn all the best platform hacks you didn't know yet to get your systems working for you

Systems, Elimination & Delegation


Identify which areas in your life and business are holding back your business growth and are sabotaging your time

Learn to let go of control so you can focus on your superpower rather than being held up by the little things

+ guest call with a systems expert

in this module you'll:

Reflect back on your progress and celebrate all the little (and big) wins you've made in the last 6 weeks

Lifestyle Design


Put all your learnings and progress together to create an action plan for your future you can actually stick to

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we've got bonuses!

Wellness Habit Tracker

This super customizable and in-depth wellness habit tracker is designed to help you protect your time, achieve your goals, and be more productive every day so you can finally go from overwhelmed to organized in just 5 minutes.

bonus 1:



How to Save 2 Hours Every Day & Set Better Boundaries With Your Clients | E-Book

Stop living in fear of your clients and learn to implement solid boundaries to prioritize your wellbeing and detach your worth from the hours you put into your business.

bonus 2:

Declutter Your Life Checklist

Follow these steps to declutter your life in all areas so you can invite more ease, space and intentionality to your day-to-day so you have more focus for things that truly matter.

bonus 3:

Self-Care Worksheets & Planners

Get my wealth of self-care planners and worksheets, and habit trackers to stay on track with all your goals and hold yourself accountable so you can turn "some day" into "today".

bonus 4:

Productivity Checklist

Use this easy-to-follow 11-step checklist to improve the way you handle your to-do's, figure out priorities and fast track your way to more productivity, focus and clarity while avoiding distractions, overwhelm and procrastination.

bonus 5:

Cycle Syncing Cheat Sheets

Not sure how you can use cycle syncing to benefit your workout routine, diet and productivity? Get 3 visual cheat sheets that break it down for you.

bonus 6:

guest expert session!

Systems Guest Expert Group Coaching Call

Joining us for week 4, Online Business Manager and systems expert Sam Whisnant will help you audit your systems and teach you how to implement systems to create more ease in your business.

sam whisnant

Simple Systems to Create Ease in Your Biz


bonus 7:

This      for you if:

You want to better manage your time without pulling all-nighters to finish your to do list

You’re good at holding yourself accountable and make time for yourself consistently

You want to reclaim your time, take charge of your day & stop letting your business run you

You like the hustle and don’t want to look for ways to work more effectively

You want to Learn to step away from work when you're in charge of your own time, guilt-free

It's probably       for you if...

You’re not willing to do the work to better your life



It's probably
for you if...

I'm Livia!

I'm a multi-passionate Lifestyle Design Coach who needed a business that allowed me to put my wellbeing first.

When I worked in New York following my dream of becoming Editor in Chief of InStyle, the constant hustle left me drained and bedridden with anxiety attacks and unexplained headaches. As much as I didn’t want to let go of my “dream job” my health was suffering and I knew I needed a change.

When I started my business at the beginning of the pandemic to create a life that would allow me to prioritize my wellbeing, I fell into old patterns working 10+ hour days and feeling guilty every time I took time off.

My mind was racing with a million ideas all the time and work thoughts were consuming my time off. I felt like I wasn't as productive as I should have been and I was letting my clients down.

I was feeling overwhelmed 24/7, always being busy but rarely making real progress towards the tasks that were important. I even got a UTI because I didn't want to miss out on time I could spend working. All I wanted was to take back charge of my day and stop letting my business run the way I live my life.

I tried all the productivity "hacks", batching my days, forcing myself into a 5 AM morning routine or trying on new biz trends that I *thought* would solve my problems (spoiler alert: it didn't work).

hey there!

So, I simplified my routines, created a schedule that prioritized me-time while still getting my work done, and learned about biohacking to work with my body vs. against it - and through it all, I found the time-freedom, inner peace, and clarity I’ve always longed for. 

I knew in order to make a permanent change, I had to focus on creating a solid foundation.

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My dad.

My dad has been self-employed my entire life. He’s always been there. Through all my singing recitals and school events. He made sure he could reshuffle his work to make room for his priorities, the very reason he wanted to be his own boss in the first place.

He’d work a lot during winter when there’s naturally less things happening, and take a lot of the summer off so he could spend more time with my sister and I. And having some solid structures, discipline and productivity skills helped him do that.

While my motivations are slightly different (no kids to hang out with), the desire of wanting to create my own schedule around things that matter to me is the same.

Like: Going on random Wednesday hikes, being open to spontaneous adventures and being outside as much as possible when it’s sunny.

Whatever your reasons, you deserve a business that fuels your non-work related priorities so you’re not left spinning in circles working on your to do list without ever making real progress.

But there's another reason I was longing for more time-freedom...

Are you ready to create your own version of time-freedom?

i am so ready!

Yes, It Really Works!


Ready to join Time-Freedom Accelerator?

TOTAL program VALUE = $3,406

7+ Value-Packed Video Trainings ($397)

Unlimited Mon-Fri 1:1 Voxer Support ($1,497)

Bonus: Habit Trackers ($37)

Bonus: Self-Care & Cycle Syncing Workbooks & Checklists ($47)


I'm so in!


let's do this!

So what's inside Time-Freedom Accelerator?

Weekly group coaching program supplemented with video modules, exercises and journal prompts - and get expert help and accountability whenever you're feeling stuck or in need of a personal cheer squad! This program combines a community of like-minded women that share the same values, ideals and challenges while also getting personalized support for your specific circumstances.

6 WEEK group coaching program + Unlimited 1:1 Voxer Support

6 Group Coaching Calls ($997)

Voxer Group Chat To Celebrate Wins & Support Each Other ($197)

Your investment:

pay in full

3 month payment plan

1 Systems Guest Expert Coaching Call ($197)

Bonus: Setting Boundaries With Clients E-Book ($37)

When does the group coaching start?

We're starting October 10th, 2022! Until then, you get access to my wellness habit tracker and an intention setting worksheet.

When are the group coaching calls?

We will meet Tuesday's at 11am EST. The calls will be recorded and uploaded to your student dashboard, so don't worry if you can't make one!

How much of a time commitment is this?   

We're meeting once a week for 6 weeks for 60 minutes. There are video modules and worksheets accompanying each week that I recommend you to work through on your own time before our calls. There will also be weekly exercises to make sure you implement your learnings and hold yourself accountable. While they're not mandatory, I recommend you carve out some time to do them (they can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes).

Will I get instant access? 

Yes! You'll be sent access to your student dashboard immediately so you can get started with the first week of content. New videos and worksheets will be drip released each week on Monday's.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the calls structured?

To make sure you get the most out of your time, these calls will be Q&A style. That's why I recommend you watch each week's content before we meet, but it's not a must. This is your time, so ask away and get help from me and the other ladies inside this program.

How big will the group be?

We want to keep it small and intimate to make sure everyone is getting the help they need. That said, we're capping it at 10 women.

Right now, even though you plan to start your day with the best intentions, you’re already rushing through your morning routine and feeling stressed about your to-do list, and yet, somehow the entire day goes by without achieving any major progress.

If you’re feeling drained, distracted, and overstretched — it’s not your fault. 

Every day, we’re getting sucked into toxic comparison traps, doubting ourselves and our business, leaving us constantly scrambling, scattered and exhausted - without ever getting anything important done.

You want to stop feeling overwhelmed and finally put yourself first, but it’s been hard to put in practice because you’re frustrated with your lack of consistency and time.

And you hate to admit it, but part of you believes that resting and self-care isn’t more beneficial to business growth than working hard - and you feel so damn guilty every time you try and switch off.

Here's the thing: You can love your work and still make other things a priority.

This group coaching program is your magic key to finally unlocking time-freedom and aligned productivity. You'll get the exact plan and proven strategies to help you optimise your self-care routines and time management structures so you can finish work at 3 PM and have the rest of the day to spend with your partner, pup or friends.

There’s a large gap between your current day and your ideal day, let’s change it.

So let's get started!

i am so ready!

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