Take back your time by building an intentional business & life that’s way less overwhelming and far more productive

Ready to feel your heart beating out of your chest with JOY for the life you’ve created? This self-paced course will help you reduce clutter, slow down, and start being versus doing. 

(Psst: This is how you achieve everything you desire) 

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Clear your way to calm

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let me ask you a question...

What would your life look like if you choose to do things your way? 

Without the influence of the outside world?

(Like a Michael Scott in a world of corporate CEOs)

Would you still be hustling endlessly to hit $10k months? Would you still spend so much time scrolling even though imposter syndrome sets in? Would you still strive so hard for a life that ‘looks good’ on the outside?

I think we both know the answer here—hard pass.

Yet, it’s so natural to fall deep into consumption mode in our digital and personal space which invades both our lives and business. Our lives are so ingrained with technology, we often reach for our phones for no reason, other than it’s there, and wind up spending our days in major procrastination mode.

Before you know it, you look up, and it’s the end of the day and you’ve barely crossed anything off your to-do list. You’re lacking clarity of what to focus on when there are a million tasks on your plate (but none necessarily urgent). It has your head spinning into all hours of the night with the promise to yourself that tomorrow will be better.

You can’t advance on any passion projects, let alone take time off, because you’re constantly overthinking, anxious, overwhelmed, and feel like you’re just “talking the talk” but not “walking the walk.”

It’s a vicious cycle because while you desperately want to step away from work, you don’t—even though you’re nearing burnout (or worse, it’s already consuming you).

Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret:

Your life doesn’t need to be this way. 

You can build a business that’s intertwined with the things that set your soul on fire. You can make money AND have fun. You can create a better schedule so you can get everything done in your business efficiently while still having enough time to take care of yourself.

Burnout isn’t normal, but we’ve normalized it as a society.

Always wanting more money, hustling to achieve the next goal, and striving to accomplish the next big win for a fake gold star to prove our “worth.”

We’ve become so ingrained in the digital world that’s filled with the consumption of others’ lives that we’ve stopped living for ourselves. We’ve created a false narrative of what success is in the process, and put self-care and our wellbeing on the backburner to achieve it. We’ve made it nearly impossible to detach ourselves from work and heavily tied our self-worth to our accomplishments and how “busy” we are. 

In case you need a reminder… 

Busy isn’t a badge of honor.

Enjoy a slow morning without an alarm, enjoy a nourishing breakfast, then start work at 10am

Spend less time on your phone, sleep easier & feel refreshed, recharged, and refocused

you can have it all



Have a better self-care structure and feel more productive 

Imagine how good it would feel to… 


No longer feeling guilty for taking time for yourself and logging off of work early


Never miss out on life again because you’re stressing over self-imposed deadlines 


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i'm ready for change

Achieving alignment between your business and your lifestyle is possible, I’ll show you how!

Up until this point, I’m willing to bet you’ve spent a lot of time Googling ‘burnout’ and spent money on quick fixes that make you feel good in the moment, but long term you’re falling back into old habits.

When you invest in quick fixes and Googling for the 17th time in a row how to create a better self-care structure you’re always left with short-term gratification, but never long-term results. You’re just wasting more time and more money for a quick hit of dopamine that has you trapped in an unfulfilling cycle trying to feel better. It feels as frustrating as hearing Ross scream, “we were on a break.”

Let this time be different

Does the cycle go a little something like this:

Frustration + overwhelm with lack of progress → feeling easily irritated → hiring a contractor or coach to open up more “space” but it keeps you just as busy → resorted to a glass of wine in the tub to feel better → feel temporary relief → falling back into your old habits → feeling re-inspired to download some freebies + consume more free content on self-care → hold yourself accountable occasionally when you’re not busy but fall off because it’s easier to shift back into old habits → back to square one

It’s an endlessly frustrating cycle that has you trapped going through the motions, but not making any significant changes in your life. In order to do that, you need accountability. 

But when you do have accountability, here’s how the cycle can end:

→ Realize you need support so you join this course with lots of actionable workbooks, exercises, and journal prompts to get you into the mindset you want.

→ You slowly get into the habit of making conscious and intentional decisions, decluttering and simplifying both your physical and digital spaces, you still struggle, but you’re consistent.

→ To stay on track, you reach out for support inside the Facebook group.

→ These check-ins start to become ingrained in your brain and you start to stick to these new habits and routines on your own.

→ You finally feel more content and less overwhelmed because your inner and outer worlds are aligned. You’re creating more time and brain space to do whatever you want to be doing, and it naturally creates a business that’s aligned with the lifestyle you want to live. (Can you feel the sunshine on your face on your mid-day walk already?)

You’re working less, enjoying life more, and soaking in the everyday moments filled with joy rather than stressing about the next “big” thing to accomplish. 

Do you know what this means? You can finally celebrate achieving the freedom you started your business for in the first place! 

This is what accountability and support can do for you!

Before you know it, you’ve created your DREAM life filled with “pinch me” moments and endless bliss (and no blaring alarm clocks).

Clear Your Way To Calm has helped me understand how big of an impact my habits have on my overall wellbeing. I learned to set boundaries with myself and others so that I can prioritise what I need to feel good everyday. I feel WORLDS better today and feel like I’m genuinely making progress and am not the same person I was when I started. The guest speakers are also a super fun addition!


feels worlds better

real results

Right now, even though you plan to start your day with the best intention, you’re already rushing through your morning routine, already feeling stressed about your to-do list, and yet, somehow the entire day goes by without achieving any major progress. This leaves you feeling frustrated with yourself and mentally drained, so you binge Netflix and spend more time on your phone in bed.

You know the importance and the benefits of putting yourself first, but it’s been so hard to put it in practice because you’re unsure where to even start. And you hate to admit it, but part of you believes that resting and self-care isn’t more beneficial to business growth than working hard (which might also come from toxic corporate culture or the way they were raised).

You can achieve alignment between your business and your lifestyle.

Keeping them aligned as opposed to chasing metrics from others is where you’ll find your own true success, even if that doesn’t look like the coach promoting $50k months. 

There’s a large gap between your current day and your ideal day, let’s change it.

You're in the right place!

You’ll learn how to focus more on mindfulness, rest, self-care, and those will naturally benefit and grow your business in the long run.

Then you can achieve your ideal day of getting up on your own time, journaling, running, meditating, or simply making a nourishing breakfast for yourself—all unrushed. Then efficiently working for 3-4 hours before spending the rest of the day enjoying life, dedicating time to self-care to rejuvenate, and spending time with loved ones—unstressed and calm.

This course is your way to unlocking a better self-care structure that allows you to feel more productive and achieve inner peace without sacrificing profit. 

It starts with stopping the excuses and covering up your frustrations by “treating” yourself to overpriced coffees and multiple TV subscriptions and instead, prioritizing and investing in your wellbeing. 

With this course, you don’t have to do this alone. You’re so close to creating a schedule and a lifestyle that flows vs. feeling forced, that works for you so you can put yourself first, but you need a plan and accountability.

Together, let’s break you out of autopilot and frustration so you can achieve more, feel at ease, and claim your time back so you can live the life you’ve always wanted—the one you started your business for in the first place.

"The course has helped me clear out my thoughts and I managed to stop procrastinating so much and actually start working on the things that were on my to do list for the longest time. Thank you for creating this wonderful course!"


"I feel happier & less annoyed"

it's time you meet...

Clear Your Way To Calm

Clear Your Way To Calm is a mindful decluttering course that is designed to help you live and show up more intentionally in all areas of your life so you can achieve more clarity and ease by simplifying your life, taking back your time, and living the freedom-led lifestyle you started your business for in the first place. 

This self-paced course will help you operate intuitively by guiding you on how to do what feels good to you and only you—all while still staying open to trying new things without forcing habits that might work for others, but not you.

When you complete this course and implement the teachings, you’ll reduce your anxiety, gain more time back, feel lighter, reduce your screen time, and operate from a more balanced and happy place. Plus, you’ll understand how you can take time off guilt-free while still scaling your business with ease by putting yourself first.

It’s time to stop living on autopilot and take control of your time.

i need this!

Create a mental, digital, and physical environment that gives you inner peace without sacrificing profits.

A step-by-step roadmap to simplify your life & restore your sanity 

What you’ll walk away with:

More calm and grounded routines within your home, phone, and business



Let go of jumping from task to task and integrate rest into your new productive schedule 

Better time management & productivity so you can start working 4-hour days (and still get as much done as before)


Reduced screen time and more important tasks checked off your to-do list


More flow, alignment, and presence than you’ve ever had before 


count me in!

"Clear Your Way To Calm has been such a game changer for me! When I first enrolled in the course, I had over 8 hours of screen time which was contributing to overwhelm in my brain, I had so much anxiety and felt like I couldn't get anything done in my business or in my life. 

Once I enrolled in Clear Way To Calm, I was able to get my screen time down to about 4 hours a week and it stayed there consistently! I continue to check into the course because it's just an incredible resource. I highly recommend it!"

Before Kacey Joined Clear Your way to calm, she felt anxious and out of alignment.

Now, she's fully in tune with herself - and she managed to reduce her screen time from 8 to 4 hours (and kept it that way!).

- kacey

Learn to overcome procrastination for good so you never waste time on TikTok again

Here's What You'll Learn

Mastering Your Mindset

module one


Mindset is at the start of everything. Without it, it's going to be difficult to create sustainable change in your daily life. That's why we're uncovering limiting beliefs around what's holding you back from living an intentional and clutter-free life and areas you might be using self-sabotage without realizing so you can stop procrastinating and make quicker decisions.

in this module you'll:

Understand why intentional decision making is key to a simplified and streamlined life and learn to apply it to your life

Become better at saying no so you stop continuously spreading yourself too thin

BONUS: Visualization with Cacti Wellness Collective

BONUS: Power of Pause Meditation with Chloe Handelman

BONUS: Breathing Exercise with Chloe Handelman

BONUS: Self-Sabotage Mindset session with Chloe Handelman

Learn to set better boundaries with your phone so you're no longer consumed by mindless scrolling

Digital Wellness

module two

in this module you'll:

Organize your phone and computer for more flow and ease so you can reduce your screen time and increase productivity

Learn to switch off guilt-free at the end of day

BONUS: Inbox Zero guest training with Kristi DaSilva so your Gmail never says 7,957 unread emails ever again

BONUS: Google Drive Organization training with Miranda  Trudeau so you no longer waste time digging for that one file you’re looking for

We waste so much time on our phone - and it's affecting more than just our productivity. Learn to FINALLY stop the mindless TikTok scroll, get your inbox to zero (and keep it that way) and reduce your screen time so you can be more mindful with your time and make more memories offline.

in this module you'll:

Adopt strategies to systematically streamline your business for more efficiency

Streamlining Your Business

module three

How to switch off from work without feeling guilty so you can be present

Learn to reset after busy seasons so you're no longer left scrambling to pick up work that was left behind

How to organize your calendar to prioritize self-care and rest, saving you hours on unnecessary work and procrastination

BONUS: Finding White Space in Business Checklist with With White Space Co

Let's detach from what you think your business *should* look like and reconnect to building a business that feels good to you. In this module I help you prioritize rest and time for yourself with my calm schedule method for more efficiency without working more hours. 

in this module you'll:

Learn to efficiently declutter when you only have 10 minutes - and keep it that way

Creating An Intentional Home

module four

Identify and overcome emotional and monetary attachment to your belongings so you can finally let go

Learn to declutter your home without having to get rid of anything

Decluttering checklist so you can finally let go of your prom dress from 2008

Thinking clearly is difficult when your home is a mess. Even if clutter isn't immediately visible like laundry and cluttered countertops, practicing intentionality with your belongings and overcoming attachment issues to your "what-if-I-wear-this-again" wardrobe helps you develop more focus and a calm state of being because there's less to distract you from what matters.

in this module you'll:

Learn to set better boundaries so you can protect your energy and put your needs first

Aligning Your Social Life

module five

Prioritize your calendar so you never end up with a scheduled filled with commitments you dread

Understand the difference of energy givers and energy drainers and learn to audit your friendships accordingly

People pleasing is so 2019. In this module, I'll help you audit your calendar and commitments, develop boundaries with yourself and others, and learn to say no so you can protect your energy and only commit to things you want to do and actually have time for so you can feel your heart beating in your chest with JOY for the life you created.

in this module you'll:

Create an action plan that helps you stay proactive about your finances

Streamlining Your Finances

module six

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Negotiate to help you save on subscriptions so you never pay more than you should (yes, you can haggle your gym membership!)

BONUS: Instant Access to Financial Abundance and Freedom training with Rita Roushdy

Stressing about money kills any progress with creating a calm life. That's why in this module I'll help you develop an abundant money mindset and create a proactive plan to stay on top of your finances and subscriptions so you never pay more than you should.


Exclusive Expert Interviews

Get access to exclusive-to-the-course bonus trainings and interviews with industry leaders and experts. You will learn how to use your breath to calm your nervous system, organize your Google Drive, FINALLY get your inbox to zero (and keep it that way), tap into financial abundance, AND MORE.

kira jones

15-Minute Visualizing Simplicity Meditation


chloe handelman

Mental Decluttering Mindset Session, Breath Work & Meditation 

mindset transformation & breath coach

miranda trudeau

Organizing Google Drive

web designer & file organization expert

kristi dasilva

How To Get To Inbox Zero

Systems Strategist


Finding White Space + Joy in Business

FOUNDER OF With White Space Co

Rita Roushdy

Instant Access to Financial Abundance & Freedom

Money Mindset Expert

10+ Bonus Worksheets with Journal Prompts & Downloadables
Access to the Private Facebook Community
Lifetime Access
to the Course & Unlimited Accountability
Exclusive Resource Hub & App Vault with Book and Product Recommendations

I’m loading up your pockets with these bonuses to further support you! 

and if that wasn't enough...

take a peak behind the curtain

I’m loving how easy this course is to navigate and it flows really well. The bonus visualisation from module 1 has been AMAZING. My current average screen time is 5 hours and 13 mins, which is insane compared to 2 months ago when I was up to 8 HOURS! Thank you so much, Liv!


reduced her screen time

real results




Hours of video content


Bonus videos


Journaling prompts

I'm Livia!

I'm a multi-passionate Self-Care Coach who needed a business that allowed me to put my wellbeing first.

Right after high school, I moved from my home in Germany to the U.S. and after 9 years and several moves between continents and cities (miss you, NYC!), I’ve learned a thing or two about simplifying my life—internally and externally.

When I worked in New York following my dream of becoming Editor in Chief of InStyle, the constant hustle left me drained and bedridden with anxiety attacks and unexplained headaches. As much as I didn’t want to let go of my “dream job” my health was suffering and I knew I needed a change.

When I started my business at the beginning of the pandemic to create a life that would allow me to prioritize my wellbeing, I fell into old patterns working 10+ hour days and was consumed by my phone and imposter syndrome.

I had a million ideas I wanted to follow, but it led to burning myself out because I was constantly distracted and spreading myself too thin. I was wasting so much time on my phone replying to clients, falling down the IG scroll hole, then being distracted by notifications coming through on both my personal + business Instagram accounts.

I didn’t feel good, and I tried all the quick fixes to make me feel better like splurging on expensive clothes and business coaches (yes, multiple at the same time, yikes) I wasn’t ready for… and while those things did alleviate some of that overwhelm, the feeling didn’t last long. 

All that mental and digital clutter was consuming me.

hey there!

So, I slowed down, upgraded my environment, simplified my routines, and began working with a mindset coach (the very same expert whose trainings are inside this course!), and through it all, I found the freedom, inner peace, and clarity I’ve always longed for. 

After completing clear your way to calm, my students are feeling happier, focused, less irritated and anxious.

They've successfully halved their screen time, set boundaries in their personal lives and business, and now put themselves first unapologetically.


Work 4-hour days while doubling my productivity and logging off from work guilt-free while reducing my screen-time

Land features in major publications like Create & Cultivate, Medium and Thrive Global

Take time off and never miss out on important life events anymore because my business is set up sustainably

Cultivate calm routines and a schedule that prioritizes me & fun—no matter what—even when life and business are busy

It's not about changing your entire life, but making small, intentional decisions every day that align with how you want to live your life.

Because clutter, in your home, your mind, or digital life, affects you holistically and makes it impossible to live a simple life free of overwhelm.

And Clear Your Way To Calm is the only program you need to get started.

get my blueprint

I knew in order to make a permanent change, I had to be intentional.

Clear Your Way To Calm

A self-paced course designed to help you achieve more clarity and ease by simplifying your life, taking back your time, and living the freedom-led lifestyle you started your business for in the first place. 

Create a mental, digital, and physical environment that gives you inner peace without sacrificing profits.

Ready to join the Clear Your Way To Calm course and community?

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll gain immediate access to:

TOTAL VALUE = $5,132

Clear Your Way To Calm course (value $1,497)

Lifetime Support in Members-Only Facebook group ($397)

Lifetime Access to Course and All Updates ($997)

Bonus: 9 Guest Expert Trainings ($1,997)

Bonus: 2 Members-Only Meditations ($97)

Bonus: 50+ Journal Prompts, Workbooks & Self-Care Templates ($147)

Today's price = $397

or 3 payments of $137

I'm in! I'll save a bit and pay in full up front!


or 6 payments of $67

Yes, It Really Works

Tackle your inbox with an easy-to-follow, proven system that keeps it that way

Understand and release what’s been holding you back for so long in the past

Create an organized and intentional home that makes you feel free, light, and at ease

Implement healthy habits, boundaries, and strategies to decrease your screen time

Design your get-to-do list and prioritize self-care and rest while being highly productive 

Be able to make better, quicker decisions that align with your values and goals

By the end of Clear Your Way To Calm, you will...

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Before you get in your head, let’s chat for a sec!

"I don't have time / I want to wait for things to slow down"

Oh, I get it. You’re so stressed out from your day-to-day you can’t even imagine taking another course right now. 

But here’s the real talk you’ve been avoiding—not having time is often an excuse because you don’t trust you have what it takes to create meaningful change in your life OR you’re afraid of what’s possible for you when you actually do trust yourself. 

When you have a lot on your plate, it's especially helpful (and important) to prioritize things that make you feel good because it allows you to create contentment, calm and inner peace that supports your schedule.

It’s why this course is on-demand so you can watch everything on your own time, pick and choose the modules and expert trainings based on what you need the most support with at that time. Maybe you could even skip the “play next” button on Netflix to watch a module each day.

“It’s not a priority right now / I’m trying to invest in a business coach”

As much as we often want to believe that hiring another coach is our answer, it’s not. Especially when you’re unable to execute and grow your business because you’re burned out.

In order to have the energy to show up daily and actually enjoy the journey, you need to slow down and look at what’s in front of you. If you’re overwhelmed, hiring CAN help, but if you’re still drained after the project is complete, you need to be doing the inner and outer work to feel better holistically.

Business growth should never be the goal, but instead, it's a result of putting yourself first.

You can get instant access to kickstart your wellbeing with just $67 a month—the choice is yours.

“I’ve invested in courses before, how is this different?”

This course isn’t teaching you how to grow your business, it’s teaching you how to run a business from a place of sanity and peace, and as a by-product of that, it results in growth. 

This course helps you draw awareness and improve ALL areas of your life—holistically. This allows you to create sustainable, lasting change rather than focusing on JUST mindset, or JUST home organization while ignoring the rest. This covers all aspects and all aspects naturally overflow into each other allowing you to create an intentionally fulfilling life.

"I struggle holding myself accountable."

It’s why accountability is baked into this program. You’ll get access in our exclusive Facebook community where you can ask questions, celebrate your wins, or voice any struggles for support from me and everyone else inside the group.

I genuinely care about your success in this program, so check in often and offer all the support you need. 

You might be thinking…

count me in!

Or you can stay stuck exactly where you are.

You’re the only one who gets to decide.

You can fall back in love with life and finally "awaken" from the mode of autopilot.

the choice is yours...

My inbox filled with thousands of unread emails created so much clutter in my head that I avoided my emails entirely. Now, I feel such a weight lifted off of me and have new motivation to continue with this momentum as my inbox feels manageable again!


simplified her inbox

real results


Ready to join the Clear Your Way To Calm course & community?

TOTAL VALUE = $5,132

Clear Your Way To Calm course (value $1,497)

Lifetime Support in Members-Only Facebook group ($397)

Lifetime Access to Course and All Updates ($997)

Bonus: 9 Guest Expert Trainings ($1,997)

Bonus: 2 Members-Only Meditations ($97)

Bonus: 50+ Journal Prompts, Workbooks & Self-Care Templates ($147)

Today's price = $397

or 3 payments of $137

I'm in! I'll save a bit and pay in full up front!


or 6 payments of $67

Hitting refresh and creating focus in your life & business.

Building systems that help you tackle your inbox.

Attracting your dream clients because you finally have a clear head to focus on needle-moving activities.

Improving your relationships with yourself, friends and family because you finally have time and energy.

Waking up refreshed and ending each day proud and accomplished instead of defeated.

Feeling more balanced, rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


This      for you if:

You want to go from feeling stressed out to feeling at ease

You don’t like learning, meditations, and being held accountable

You’re ready to take back your time, energy, and sanity

You’re scared of the positive impact this course will have on your wellbeing

You’re ready to create clarity and focus in life and business

It's probably       for you if...

You’re not willing to do the work to better your life



It's probably
for you if...

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and constantly procrastinating and ready to start prioritizing your own happiness and values with no outside distractions

You’re already basically Marie Kondo or Monica Geller and your life in every facet is spotless

I feel so much lighter without all the digital clutter in my life. Before, it was weighing me down, but now I feel so much lighter after decluttering my apps and phone. I even went to completely declutter my computer after that because of how liberating it felt!


got her groove back:

real results

What is your happiness            to you?

A new thousand-dollar iPhone because it’s part of your lifestyle but drains your energy versus carving out time to declutter that phone and create digital boundaries that leaves you feeling better than you ever have before? 

A multiple 4-figure investment in a coaching package who promises you $10k months or £297 to take control of your life?

Spending $60k on a college education because it’s socially acceptable rather than investing a fraction of that into your wellbeing because it might be seen as “selfish”?


How long am I going to have access?

You will have access to the course, bonuses and the Facebook group for as long as it exists. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months notice beforehand. You will also get access to new content and expert trainings added throughout the year.

Can I get my money back if I don't like it?

Since this is a digital product and you are getting instant access, we unfortunately can't do a refund policy.

How much of a time commitment is this?   

This course is designed to fit into your lifestyle. The video modules are a max of 30 minutes but you can make progress with just 10 minutes a day by following the tips and exercises!

Will I get instant access? 

Yes! You'll be sent access to your own student dashboard immediately so you can get started today.

What support will I have?

You'll get unlimited support through our Facebook group and have the option to book calls with me. Your success is my highest priority!

Frequently Asked Questions

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