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It's time to build a business that no longer runs you without sacrificing your wellbeing.

Get the secrets to ditching overwhelm in business and life by taking care of you first so you can run your business sustainably.

In this free guide, I'm revealing my top 15 life-changing habits to help you feel more balanced, productive and present.

15 Life-Changing Habits to help you be more productive in business


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Serving yourself first AND running a successful business isn't as hard as you think

Whether you're wanting to make yourself your number one priority...

or you're craving time away from your computer guilt-free...

or you wish you'd stick to a self-care routine when things are busy...

This is where you'll get it.

I'm Livia!

As a Holistic Business Coach, I’ve learned a thing or two about serving myself first to live a fulfilling life and run a business free of overwhelm.

I remember when I was following my dream of becoming Editor in Chief of InStyle in NYC, constantly chasing my tail and having no energy left to take care of my mental and physical health. When I started getting headaches and anxiety attacks, I realized I needed to make myself my number one priority, no matter what. Today I’m feeling the best I ever have with lots of time to rest and live life, and my business and clients are thriving because of it.

Now I’m here to help you do the same in your business.
I teach female entrepreneurs how to live an intentional life that aligns with their goals in a sustainable way while putting themselves first unapologetically. Because you deserve to live the life you started your business for TODAY.

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Craving a life that feels calm and intentional? A life that's not riddled with overwhelm? A life and business that allow you to put yourself first, no matter what, instead of your business running you?

My courses and programs have helped creative entrepreneurs like you uplevel their self-worth and prioritize themselves with ease. If you've ever imagined yourself with a slow morning, steaming coffee in hand, and a business that allowed you to work from 10am - 3pm with the rest of the day for you to enjoy life, this is for you.

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Clear Your Way To Calm

Get my exact roadmap to clarity, ease and calm to help you simplify your life, overcome overwhelm and free yourself of clutter so you can take your wellbeing and business to the next level.


Online courses & ebooks :


Practice self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care and stepping outside of your comfort zone so you can live a more intentional life aligned with your goals to become your best self.


romanticize your life


Break Up With Your Phone

Inside this 25-page e-book, you'll get my tailored-to-you 4-step process to stop mindless scrolling, reduce screen time and increase productivity.



1:1 Coaching

Whether you're looking for accountability, sustainable routines that help you break out of autopilot or to get your habits back on track - we can create an action plan together that has you feeling at ease and in alignment.


Coaching :

"I already felt so much more clarity after only 15 minutes of talking to Livia."

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Is your screen time embarrassingly high and you struggle switching off at the end of the day?

This guide will help you build better boundaries with your phone so you can reclaim your productivity and spend more time off screens.

Phone Detox:
4 Steps To More Productivity


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15 Life-Changing Habits To Help You Be More Productive In Your Business

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4 Steps To More Productivity & Healthy Boundaries

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