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Stop mindless scrolling and become more mindful with your phone so you can be more present and (finally) reduce your screen time.with this 25-page guide and my 4-step framework.

Break Up With Your Phone

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"Margi's guide was kick-ass indeed and quite literally changed how I show up on social." - Jen Olmstead

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Do you keep finding yourself in a TikTok or Instagram rabbit hole, wasting time scrolling, not having made progress on your to-do list by the end of the day?

This guide will help you reduce your screen time and become more mindful with your phone so you can tackle your tasks without distractions.

Phone Detox:
4 Steps To More Productivity


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Get my secrets to feeling refreshed, recharged and refocused while running a successful business.

In this free guide, I'm revealing my top 15 life-changing habits to help you run a business in alignment with your goals without having to make sacrifices to your wellbeing.

15 Life-Changing Habits To Help You Be More Productive In Business