You've taken a few online courses, downloaded all the freebies and have a pretty good understanding of the impact Pinterest can have on your business.

Your business is growing and you're looking to scale, so you can no longer afford to spend hours trying to DYI a strategy that won't convert.

It's time you finally reprioritize your wellbeing and stop putting biz over body. Book that facial, take your supplements. Oh, and watch those hot leads trickle in on autopilot.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

Ready To Turn Your Pins Into Cash?

You attract ideal, high-paying clients consistently while saving your energy (looking at you Instagram and sales calls) - no more chasing leads on other platforms

You gain back time to focus on needle-moving tasks and prioritize your wellbeing instead of having to show up in Instagram DM's every day to close sales

dream with me for a sec.

what if:


It doesn't have to be overwhelming!

Let's bust this myth to start: Pinterest is so much more than an inspiration board for your living room renovation!

With 2 billion searches per month (that's right!), Pinterest is a search engine and works similarly to Google when it comes to keyword research and how you show up in searches.

Since we're talking stats: 90% of users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions, which means your ideal clients are on there to search for what you're offering.

In short: Pinterest turns a cold audience into paying clients.

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is a long-term strategy and pins take 7 months to reach their full potential. With strategy and ongoing keyword optimization, you can still get high traffic to your site and products over a year later.

Are you ready to grow your email list, site traffic and sell out your offers?

sign me up!

Double your email list with subscribers who actually like hearing from you.

How does this sound?

Explode your web traffic and get hot ideal client leads on autopilot.



the results you're going to get:

Grow a tribe of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.


Sell out your e-commerce shop and grow a fanbase for your products.


Reclaim your energy and health by creating more balance in your life.


Is This Right For You?

You're curious to learn more about Pinterest but don't know where to start

Your health has taken a backseat and you're ready to claim it back

you're ready to trust a pinterest expert so you can stay in your zone of genius

You're tired of selling in Instagram DM's and chasing clients

you haven't seen much of the freedom you started your business for

How We Can Work Together

Pinterest VIP Days

What is a pinterest VIP DAY & who is it for?

You're happy to manage your own Pinterest account, but wish there was a one-stop shop for everything Pinterest. Someone to just tell you how it all works.

You've read freebies, eyed with a couple of courses and watched all the IGTV's to pick up bits of knowledge in hopes one of those DIY strategies will stick.


I'll work on setting up/optimizing your account in the morning and we'll hop on our 90-minute strategy call in the afternoon.

By the end of the day you'll be fully equipped with everything you need to become your own Pinterest expert!

What's included?

this is where i come in!

introducing - pinterest vip days

Learn everything you need to know about Pinterest, keywords and account optimization to grow your traffic with clients that convert in a single day!

You'll be able to increase traffic to your site, grow your email list and sell out your offers just by utilizing my techniques - the same techniques I've used to grow my clients accounts and traffic to their site by over 2000%!

30-Minute planning call

New account: Full profile set-up
Existing Account: full account optimisation

2-hours strategy call teaching you my exact strategy and everything you need to know about pinterest & answering any questions you have

recording of our call and comprehensive pdf with all major points and explanations to running a successful account

10 fully optimized and branded pin templates

60-day implementation support in voxer


imagine this:

 You’re sipping your first cup of coffee, just wrapping up your morning routine.

You open your emails: Your inbox is flooded.

Not with spammy newsletters you never subscribed to, but with potential client inquiries, webinar sign ups, 100's new Facebook group requests for your community - and the best part? You didn’t have to do anything.

No draining daily DM sales convos. Your energy is still intact.

You’re able to focus on projects that light a fire in you, there's time to play with your dog, time to spend with your partner, time to be there for your children instead of being buried behind a computer screen.

You get to be present. You get to slow down.

90-Minute Intensive

7-day Voxer support after our call to support you in implementing everything we’ve talked about

This is YOUR time! Whether you're already established or brand new to the Pinterest party - I'll meet you where you're at!

i'll share my brand audit with you and We will go over all of your questions

you will walk away with a 30-60 day game plan 




Rachel Leslie, Copywriter | 90-minute strategy intensive

Not everyone is the right fit for us. To get to know you, your goals and your business a little bit better, I'd love for you to reach out!

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