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How To Have More Fun With Your Goals

April 20, 2022

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How to have more fun with your goals

Whether or not you’re someone who loves setting goals and checking them off, or drops them pretty instantly, it’s probably safe to say that going after our goals could be a little bit more fun. So how to have more fun with your goals?

There’s this narrative out there that becoming successful means you have to hustle, sacrifice, and work harder than everyone else in order to get there.

Is that really true?

Can’t we go after the things we want and have fun with the process?

Because what’s the point of going after a goal, if we’re not enjoying our lives in the meantime?

The feeling that you want to have when you accomplish something is available to you before you even achieve the thing you think you want.

You want a partner in order to feel loved? Give yourself that love in the meantime. Date yourself

You want to make more money in order to live in luxury? Create a (budget) luxury experience for yourself. Make your environment feel luxurious.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more in your life, but taking the time to realize that there’s nothing you can accomplish that is going to complete you is so important.

Here are 7 steps to have more fun with your life goals

1. Write a letter to yourself

I love writing out my vision for my life, as though it has already happened. It’s a Law of Attraction concept called Scripting.

It allows you to tap into the emotions of living out your dream life.

I try to make this all feel very attainable. I don’t include things that feel unrealistic, because it’s harder for me to envision and believe it to be possible.

It’s basically like writing a stretch version of my life right now, with where I’m heading soon. And while I’m writing it, I’m often realizing some of the changes I can make right away to get closer to this vision. 

It helps reconnect me to my why of what I’m doing.

2. Create goals aligned with your vision

After writing the letter to yourself, think about some goals that would be fun to go after. 

What have you been loving about your business? What would you like to spend even more time doing?

Where your attention goes, energy flows. Give life to the things you are craving – and create a plan that feels good to you to achieve.

3. Make this your mantra

“Wouldn’t making $10,000 this month be fun?” How good does that energy feel? 

You can make this statement for anything in your life. 

“What if I got invited to attend that event? Wouldn’t that be so fun?” 

“I wonder what would happen if…” gives off the same kind of vibe. Get curious, and be open to the possibilities, instead of feeling pressure to achieve something.

4. Let go of the results

Detach yourself from feeling a desperation around this goal.

 Those good feelings that started when you used that mantra start making you feel bad when you’re too hung up on an outcome.

I like to set an intention, and then not think too much about it along the way.

It’s helpful to continue to reconnect with your vision, as often as possible, while allowing room for life to surprise and delight you.

5. Gamify it

See what’s possible for yourself, and make it a bit of a game. Why not challenge yourself a little bit to do better today than you did yesterday?

It’s always fun to see versions of ourselves that we never thought were possible, whether it’s getting a personal record on your run or handling a difficult client with grace.

6. Make it habitual

The easiest way to make your goals happen is to make it fit into your lifestyle. Find ways to go after your goals that you actually enjoy doing on a consistent basis.

We’re all creatures of habit, so it’s helpful to make these new things we want in our lives as easy and natural as possible with what we’re already doing.

7. Allow your goals to be an experiment

You want to add fitness into your life? What’s something you’ve always wanted to try? Rock climbing? Cycling? Get Class Pass or something to figure this out.

Try new methods for going after your goals, and make it a practice to see it as an experiment until you find something that works for you.

The goal remains the same, but the way you’re going about it is flexible. Because, how are we supposed to know what works for us if we don’t try it out first?

There’s no reason to commit to one thing, until we’re sure we actually like it, just because we have this idea in our head that we should go to the gym.

Follow that curiosity, and remember to not take yourself or your goals too seriously. Life is too short to not have fun along the way.

Want an action plan to put this into action? Use our signature Vision Aligned Goals process to create goals based on your version of success.

Coley Lane Bouschet is the founder of Life Goals Collective, an online media company with the goal to help you go after your version of success with more flow and ease. She’s also a visibility coach, helping your dream business get seen through blogging, SEO and Pinterest marketing. When she’s not at a coffee shop in Portland running Life Goals, she’s probably re-watching Bridgerton for the 3rd time.

You can find her on her website, Instagram or Pinterest.

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